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The ‘Baron’ script press for making Shower Bar is made in Italy.

The ‘Baron’ script press for making Shower Bar is made in Italy.

From Haute Provence to you..

Baron is made in France, where Provence merges with the Alps to be exact.

When searching for the perfect partner to make Shower Bar we looked at potential partners both local and a far.

Many countries have long histories in soap making and France is no different. For hundreds of years soap has been made using all sorts of ingredients.

Haute Provence is not only beautiful part of the world is it also a large producer of essential ingredients that go into making their soaps. Non are more famous than the iconic lavender fields and olive groves that produce oils and fragrances for the soap industry.

In our production partner we found a company who understands what Baron stands for & shares our values and aspirations.

The quality of our soaps are exceptional and although the hand presses have made way for machines the care that goes into each batch of Shower Bar hasn’t changed.

It is also quite a place to go for ‘business meetings’!

  • An estimated 730 tonnes of plastic enter the med daily.


  • 5 out of 13 billion plastic bottles don’t get recycled in the UK each year 


  • 45m+ UK people showering each day = Over 2m empty bottles of shower gel a day


We all need to change how we live in order to ensure we have a future.

Your daily shower may not be up there in terms of hot topics but the bathroom is a major culprit in single use plastics.

Most of what you use in the bathroom is made of plastic.

Baron was started to help you change that.

Shower Bar weighs less than shower gel, takes up less space & travels easier.
Less space, less weight = less C02.
No plastic waste either!

Palm Oil and Our Approach


The harvesting of nearly every crop we use in today’s society causes environmental concerns in some way, Palm Oil is no exception and has had its fair share of bad press.


Palm Oil is the leading & optimal ingredient for making soap, so working with our soap manufacturers in France to make sure our products remain as sustainable as possible whilst still keeping excellent quality, we have done extensive research around Palm Oil and its production.


Palm Oil produces about 4-10 times more oil per hectare than any comparable crop, and so is very efficient. A switch to using other oil crops would, therefore be less productive, requiring more land, more workforce, more vast quantities of water overall to meet the world’s demand, and could be expected to cause as much deforestation in other tropical and biodiverse areas.


We have therefore taken the view to use Palm Oil in our products working very closely with our supplier and ensuring that 100% of the palm oil and palm-based ingredients in our products are certified to standards set by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). The RSPO is a multi-stakeholder organisation that convenes players from all across the palm oil supply chain to set and strengthen standards and works towards a shared mission of making sustainable palm oil the norm.


By working closely with our RSPO supplier of palm oil we are supporting a change that needs to happen for the environment, wildlife and us all rather than eliminating it completely which could cause wider spread problems.

This view is shared by the WWF & Orangutang Land Trust which you can read more of here: