Baron was started with two objectives in mind; to enable us to travel lighter and to reduce our reliance and obsession with single use bathroom products.

As with a lot of things nowadays we looked back and found the perfect solution for going forwards - Shower Bar was born.

Plastic - Fantastic?

Plastic is a wonderful invention, however as we are all now aware it is too good for most of its current applications. In your car it is great; long lasting, strong & safe however as the container for your food or your shower gel it is far too long lasting.

The figures of plastic waste are frightening; an estimated 730 tonnes of plastic waste entering the Mediterranean daily and hundred of millions of tonnes globally a year is simply not acceptable.

Recycling is a great thing however with 5 out of the 13 billion plastic bottles produced in the UK annually not being recycled wouldn’t it be better to not produce them in the first place?

Our Products work on that principle. If we use plastic it is reusable, and the bare minimum used to make it work. Shower Bar is plastic free, weighs 100gms and lasts as long as a 250ml shower gel (under our non-scientific bathroom tests!). They weigh on average 190gm less than their equivalent shower gel bottle and take up less space. No plastic, Less Weight, Less CO2 in transport, Smaller for you - Easier for all!