Complete Shower Bar Range, Toothbrush 4 Pack MEDIUM Bristles

Complete Shower Bar Range, Toothbrush 4 Pack MEDIUM Bristles


A Full Selection of our Shower Bar Range. Oud, Verbena, Charcoal, Olive, Aloe & Argan Bars give you the chance to experience and decide on your favourite.

This set includes a box of 4 of our Toothbrushes and a Toothbrush Travel Pouch

Sent with your choice of a Jute Travel Pouch or Neoprene Travel Case and with complimentary UK shipping.

*If you would like a different mix of scents eg: 2X Oud, 4X Argan leave a note in the comments at check out and we’ll pack your request!

Shower Bars is made in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region of France. Famed for hundreds of years of soap production this beautiful part of France produces some of the finest soaps in the world.

Shower Bar is triple milled ensuring a fine lather and longer lasting product. Shower Bar is produced using traditional techniques using responsibly sourced ingredients to deliver a high quality product inspired by history, modelled for today.

Not tested on Animals - No Animal Derived Ingredients - Paraben Free - 100g x 6

Note: When moving from shower gels to Shower Bar you may experience a small period of adjustment as your skin rebalances itself. This is perfectly normal and will pass, usually in under a week. 

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